The concept of design distinction is an important one in a world where handcrafted excellence is often pushed aside in the name of affordability.

Design Distinction

We have a strict code of curatorial rigor here at Bruce Andrews Design, whether the subject at hand is what we choose to feature here on our Journal, the materials with which we construct our handcrafted furniture or the showrooms we choose as collaborators in helping our products reach the most refined interiors in the world.

In terms of content here, we’ve looked at How Hospitality Designers Keep It Local by presenting the intelligent advice of a panel of experts from High Point Market; we have featured the lovely showhouse presented by the Cashiers Historical Society; and we’ve highlighted the new fabric introductions by Kravet that were unveiled in the sumptuous setting of The Cloisters on Sea Island. There are other posts under this distinctive category so we hope you’ll take the time to read them all.