The Tree of Life Foundation

Each Bruce Andrews chair has been conceived and created as a functional heirloom, intended to be enjoyed for generations by families who treasure legacy pieces for the home or hoteliers who understand the value in longevity. Symbolic of this endurance, each time a Bruce Andrews chair is acquired, a tree is planted near the place of its creation, the Bruce Andrews atelier and foundation in Evans, Georgia.

A brass plaque noting the name of the distinguished owner who acquired the chair, or the designer who places the chair in an interior when the owner wishes to remain anonymous, will be placed on the tree—growing in beauty and strength as the chair increases in value.

Celebrating the gracefulness of Bruce Andrews’ fine specimens of furniture, the direct result of adhering to timeless handcrafted beauty, a portion of each sale benefits the Bruce Andrews Design Academy, a school dedicated to teaching and preserving the finest traditions of American craftsmanship. Our impeccable quality and determination to extend the relevance of the furniture trade in America, and the historical significance of our limited edition designs, is the very definition of legacy.

With the Design Academy, our distinctive aim is to provide opportunities for challenged youth who could become thriving producers in the furniture building industry, the pride they will feel as contributors to handcrafted excellence in America will stem from the fact that they are participating in its revival and bringing it a newfound longevity.

It is a much-discussed subject in recent decades that the American furniture manufacturing industry has continued to lose ground to Asian imports. We at Bruce Andrews Design intend to give the topic more than lip service; we aspire to change the conversation all together by reversing the trend one piece of furniture at a time, reinvigorating a skilled workforce in the process.

Be a Part of Change