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Hout Bay Sofa

The Hout Bay Sofa, named for a coastal town on the Atlantic seaboard of South Africa, cradles the body as dreamily as the rocky coastline cups the azure African waters. So roomy, the down-filled masterpiece with sloping arms and back is a marvel to rest into. The ample sofa changes its personality each time the material covering it is altered. The sofa is available in 4 sizes and each includes 3 large back support pillows and 3 kidney pillows.

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HB/001-96-48 ,   W:96 x D:48 x H:32  AH:23  SH:16
HB/001-96 ,   W:96 x D:42 x H:32  AH:23  SH:16 
HB/001-86 ,   W:86 x D:42 x H:32  AH:23  SH:16
HB/001-72 ,   W:72 x D:42 x H:32  AH:23  SH:16


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