The Atlanta design scene is a vibrant, event-packed milieu that we at Bruce Andrews Design are proud to be a part of through our presence in ADAC showrooms and boutiques.

Atlanta Design Scene

When we were fortunate enough to have a presence in the showhouse produced by the Cashiers Historical Society, we recognized so many of our design friends from Atlanta with spaces in the historic Burt Farm. It was such a great cause and our Skye Coastal armchair looked fabulous in Ginger Brewton’s serene space. This is the second space in which Ginger has included us, the earlier one a very popular event on the Atlanta design scene.

The bedroom adjacent to Ginger’s, which was equally oasis-like, had a luxe feel to it with a sumptuous mix of upholstery fabrics on the bed that included mohair and an ostrich-stamped leather. James Wheeler, an Atlanta designer, envisioned and executed the space. Atlanta designer Liz Williams also cited fabrics as a launch-pad for her inspiration, her aim to reflect the natural beauty beyond the windows. She filled the main dining room with Thibaut fabrics in pert greens, cool earth tones and fun patterns. I tried repeatedly throughout the evening to gain an audience with Patricia McLean, the Atlanta-based designer who created the living room, but she was so popular it was difficult to catch her alone.

Ginger Brewton is only one of the outlets to find us in Atlanta; we are also available through Dixon Rye and Redefined Home, the contact information for which you can find on our “How to Purchase” page.


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