When the demands of the design world call, we are on the move because we know that offering our readers the insider perspectives they crave is important.

Insider Perspectives

A recent trip to Paris is a case-in-point, as we visited Maison & Objet and Déco Off, while also sitting in on fashion shows and visiting some of the city’s most famous boutiques. When a friend asked our CEO to take him to his favorite Hermès boutique, for instance, he knew exactly where they were heading: the one at 17 Rue de Sèvres near Le Bon Marché. His senses are ignited each time he enters the spacious store.

It didn’t take long before he was seeing a similar texture to the patterns on the floor in the boutique turn up in the upholstery fabrics he was sourcing from Fermoie for pieces in the Azure Collection that will be in the Dallas showroom of Ellouise Abbott. This level of serendipity is so interesting to him as a designer, and he finds that it happens organically when he is traveling the globe taking in different cultures and attending launches of new products. This is the perspective of the true insider.