We’re absolutely cuckoo for luxury interiors, particularly when they are created by uber-talented designers who take the experiential in mind.

Luxury Interiors

When we flipped through the pages of the beautiful book featuring Timothy Corrigan’s An Invitation to Château du Grand-Luce: Decorating a Great French Country House, we recognized that this was one of those instances where talent, experience and luxury interiors had coalesced. Boiserie and trompe l’oeil; formal portraits of royalty and fine antiques; the French countryside rolling away beyond the parterre as spied through graceful casement windows. A country breakfast on ivy-laced English stoneware and grand dinners served on Royal Limoges. These are luxurious experiences à la Timothy Corrigan.

Such escapades and amusements he has lavished upon friends he has invited to Château du Grand-Luce in the French countryside unfold within the luxury interiors of the grand chateau that he painstakingly restored. In the design realm, choosing the perfect floral-drenched wallpaper for a guest bedroom that was critical to the perfection achieved within the space, along with identifying a hue of paint that flatters faces in the evening light as laughter wafts from the candlelit dining room during resplendent dinners qualify.  


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