As a furniture company building bespoke pieces, our products would never reach the level of sophistication they do were it not for luxury textile mills.

Luxury Textile Mills

Sourcing the building blocks that coalesce into a luxury furniture line is not for the feint of heart. Neither is producing them, as the length of time it takes to become accomplished at any specialty is daunting in hindsight. When I am selecting the pieces of the puzzle that will constitute a new Bruce Andrews design, I am exceedingly aware of the quality of each tiny detail—from the upholstery fabrics to the color of the nailheads and the feel of the trims to the different types of woods that make up the composition.

There are certain venerable manufacturers to which I return for certain styles, one of which is one of the world’s most esteemed luxury textile mills Abraham Moon & Sons. The company, which was founded in 1837 and has its deepest roots in apparel, is one of the last remaining vertical woolen mills in Great Britain. In case the year doesn’t compute, Abraham Moon launched the brand in West Yorkshire in the same year Queen Victoria ascended to the British throne!