We believe when you choose role models, you should choose with great care, selecting for taste and talent but also for temperament.

Our Role Models

We can remember the first time we met Barbara Barry—already awestruck by her serene sense of style, we became even more enamored with her after spending time with her. We reviewed her book Around Beauty here on the Bruce Andrews Design Journal to share with our readers why we respect her so. She’s known for her work’s quiet refinement, soothing palette and graceful tailoring. In the book, she wrote, “Beauty is a positive force.” We couldn’t agree more.

Barbara notes that whether it is a single piece or a collection, good design should bring its bearing upon the whole, as it’s the canopy of the entirety that leads to harmony, proportion and simplicity. We were struck by the fact that she pushes the envelope to express the special nature of unpretentiousness in the most elemental of places—the shape of an egg, for instance. Harmony creates calm, she notes, and so it does, but only when the designs are finished to their most polished evolutions.