Valuable antiques continually inspire us to reach for new heights in furniture design so we are always studying the finest specimens in the world.

Valuable Antiques

In fact, we believe the furnishings trade could benefit from using the categorical model the fashion industry has solidified because we have a similar structure to our industry—our highest quality, one-off productions akin to haute couture; our limited edition runs equal to prêt-à-porter; and mass market the same in each industry. The distinctions already exist so why shouldn’t we be more cognizant of how we handle them—and not just in the antiques and vintage realms but in newly produced collections, too?

Might the sector of our industry producing new furnishings take more time to educate ourselves about the valuable antiques and vintage pieces that someo f the world’s top galleries offer in order to produce better products? We at Bruce Andrews think so, as we appreciate the curatorial prowess of the gallerists who manage acquisitions, the quality they amass of great significance to those of us setting the bar high with our newly minted furnishings because we expect these will eventually be shown alongside the stunning examples we see when we visit the best shows and galleries today.


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