Morgan 4-4 the definition of luxury

Conceived in 1935, the introduction of the 4-4 signaled Morgan’s move to four-wheeled vehicles, debuting on October 15, 1936, at the London Motor Show.

One of the main commitments of Bruce Andrews Design’s founder and CEO is a desire to create bespoke stateliness rather than embracing commerce for commerce’s sake. His opinions on what constitutes the definition of luxury and what does not are strongly held beliefs.



“When I talk about the commercialization of luxury, I compare Mercedes Benz, for instance, with the Morgan Motor Company, which only produces around 1,000 automobiles each year—cars that are so unique, the family crest can be embroidered on the seats,” he explains. “This is uber-luxury and there is a waiting list, which people are willing to tolerate because they understand what they will be getting in the end.”



Uniqueness in Design

Like every Morgan, which is expertly handcrafted using the three core elements of ash, aluminum and leather, our furniture has its own core materials. Also like each Morgan car, our chairs celebrate traditional manufacturing while embracing a more modern design than the true antique predecessors.


The legendary Morgan 4-4, the definition of luxury

We celebrate the Morgan for the unique level of luxury the car company has achieved.


In order to attain a similar stance, no more than 170 units of each planned introduction will be made by Bruce Andrews Design during any given year. Additions to the current releases in Collection Skye—the Highland chair, the Ann chair and the Skye Coastal—will include the George club cigar chair, the Mary lounge chair, the Castle Bay sofa and the Dunked Ottoman (all inspired by the Isle of Skye in Scotland). Eventually side and coffee tables, lighting will debut, and we’ve introduced throw pillows and other decor items recently.


The Definition of Luxury

Along with heritage, comfort was top of mind when the collection was being developed. “These chairs are incredibly comfortable—sitting in one is like sitting in a Rolls-Royce,” Bruce notes. “Making sure that the comfort on the inside meets the beauty on the outside has always been integral to our vision.”


Rolls-Royce Wraith, the definition of luxury

A Jubilee issue of the Rolls-Royce Wraith in silver and Salamanca blue.


The special materials of the chair’s disparate parts are key ingredients to the luxuriant feel, he explains, adding, “Feathers of geese from Hungary are remarkably supple and we use a mix of 80% of these and 20% other down. The wood is kiln-dried maple, and the coil is silk and cotton covered. The upholstery is hand-stitched, even underneath the pillow, the Bruce Andrews crest on the decking created with a step-and-repeat process.”


Bruce Andrews Design's Highland chair in blue

The Highland chair, the Bruce Andrews Design definition of luxury.


Posture was also taken into consideration as the designs were developed. “When we were researching how to make chairs that would serve as the ultimate in seating comfort, we worked with an orthopedic surgeon in Boston to help us create the frame,” Bruce says. “We took his ideas and worked with a team of upholsterers in Newton, Massachusetts, to bring the concept to life.”

Though the furniture production has moved to highly skilled manufacturers in North Carolina, the quality that was set by these initial sources is being maintained. “The first consideration is excellence,” Bruce remarks. “I will be making the furniture wherever this can be achieved.”

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