We take bespoke design very seriously here at Bruce Andrews Design, as a number of our collections are produced in limited edition.

Bespoke Design

Since this is our point of view, we’re always on the lookout for other luxury furniture manufacturers producing lines of bespoke furniture. When we find an example that impresses us, we feature them here on the Journal. A few of the top-of-line producers we’ve featured in the past are the lauded Parisian textile manufacturer de Gournay, known for its sumptuous hand-painted wallpapers; and Abraham Moon & Sons, a West Yorkshire-based company known for luxury upholstery fabrics.

We’ve also tooted our own horn a bit, so to speak, by highlighting our manufacturing team in North Carolina. We’re proud to be a Made in America brand employing some of the country’s most skilled craftspeople who put their heart and soul into making our products. If you love bespoke design as much as we do, we hope you’ll take the time to read our entries here on the Bruce Andrews Design Journal.