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Our aim at Bruce Andrews Design is to fuse unparalleled craftsmanship with timeless aesthetics in order to imbue the handcrafted collections of bespoke furniture we produce with impeccable quality. We are creating legacy. What makes us a true Made in America brand? The fact that we pinpoint suppliers who have embraced superlative advances in modern technology while continuing a commitment to actualize handmade craftsmanship long thought to be lost in the United States.

Our guiding principle is producing the embodiment of luxury, one fine piece of furniture at a time.

Master craftsmen the world over have long believed the right wood sings in expert hands; that infinite possibilities unfold when flawless specimens of the proper species are chosen as the nucleus building blocks for any given assemblage. Beginning with kiln-dried maple from America for the frame, we add details such as legs in oak, African mahogany, alder, walnut or rosewood—each layer adding fine craftsmanship to our compositions. Be they chairs, ottomans or sofas, these furnishings are produced with an eye to achieving design- and built-perfection.

We believe our first task is to create comfort, so we collaborate with an orthopedic surgeon to design a foundation of support for the human form in every nuance of the word—elevation of the seat, angle of the back, position of the arms. These attributes matter tremendously when balance is the end goal. The most luxuriant down is sourced as a critical building block for comfort; sumptuous upholstery materials are gleaned from the finest fabric houses; complementary hand-molded trims are gathered; branded nailhead trim in bronze, silver and pewter are fabricated in Los Angeles; and ferrules on the feet are created by a Rhode Island jeweler.

Assembling these key ingredients into veritable works of art, we employ master craftsmen, silversmiths, tufters, and finishers from America to bring our furniture to life. Each piece is then numbered and signed. This is the very definition of bespoke.

Bruce Andrews Design is dedicated to creating furniture that will long remain veritable works of art.

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