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  • Like the expanse of the South Atlantic Ocean stretching toward the horizon at Bakoven, the sweep of our cocktail ottoman of the same name acts as the ultimate form-follows-function centerpiece in any space it inhabits. Filled with a down/feather blend and cotton overlay, as well as additional padding on the corners for protection against knocks, this ottoman is comfortable and stylish. Includes a hidden drawer with self-closing soft mechanism.
  • Overlooking the rocky coastline of Cape Town is Bantry Bay, an affluent suburb of the South African town situated on the slopes of Lion’s Head mountain. The chair that takes its name from this secluded area has similar properties in its ability to offer a sheltering comfort to the body. The chair includes an accent pillow.
  • The arching beaches situated along the shoreline at Camps Bay mimic the fluted qualities of this namesake chair in our Azure Collection. With a wooden datum running along the bottom of the seat and the understated shapes of its rendered legs, it is, quite simply, the epitome of every boudoir’s sexiest slipper chair. The chair includes an accent pillow.
  • The Hout Bay Sofa, named for a coastal town on the Atlantic seaboard of South Africa, cradles the body as dreamily as the rocky coastline cups the azure African waters. So roomy, the down-filled masterpiece with sloping arms and back is a marvel to rest into. The ample sofa changes its personality each time the material covering it is altered. The sofa is available in 4 sizes and each includes 3 large back support pillows and 3 kidney pillows.
  • Inspired by the cusp of coastline along Noord Hoek in Cape Town, South Africa known for its crystalline sands and beautiful coastline. This chair, which embodies the characteristic shoreline onto which South Africa’s azure waves tumble, has an architectonic wooden frame with a faint crescent shape that calls this seaside retreat to mind. It includes a 4” circular accent pillow.


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