• Featuring a relaxed, clean, and modern silhouette, the atmosphere sofa might be the most luxuriously comfortable sofa you try! Built to be the integral piece in an apartment main room or open concept living room, the atmosphere sofa is founded in function and form. The ultra cell foam core and down/feather blend cushioning provides lasting comfort while sitting to read a book or lounging while watching movies. Utilize the added seat depth for a productive workspace to spread papers and laptops. Friends will be fighting to sleep on the sofa instead of in the guest bedroom with comfort like this!
  • Quietly lurking beneath its sumptuous fabrics and within the sculpted lines of its frames, there is a simmering sensuality with untold degrees of complexity in this sofa. The exposed Grade A, FSC-certified sustainable maple frame provides a modern, yet subtly complex accent feature. Includes 2 accent cushions.
  • The Dixon sofa anchors a space with its commanding presence and minimalist lines. It provides both comfort and form, making this sofa great for lounging or normal seating The clean lines of this sofa frame allow it to be placed anywhere in a room, both on or off the wall. Two square back cushions and two side lumbar cushions offer comfort and function. Available as 86” sofa or 66” loveseat. As with all of our frames, the hand-carved shape consists of solid American Maple only used from certified sustainable sources
  • A modern take on the traditional, the Frayer Sofa has a unique side silhouette that instantly makes it different than anything on the market. Perfect for traditional homes that necessitate a deviation from the standard. A traditional seat with blowback down pillows and Ultracell foam core makes this a sofa so comfortable nobody will leave it. Casters optional on front legs.
  • The Hout Bay Sofa, named for a coastal town on the Atlantic seaboard of South Africa, cradles the body as dreamily as the rocky coastline cups the azure African waters. So roomy, the down-filled masterpiece with sloping arms and back is a marvel to rest into. The ample sofa changes its personality each time the material covering it is altered. The sofa is available in 4 sizes and each includes 3 large back support pillows and 3 kidney pillows.
  • Flowing, sleek, and modern, the Oliver sofa has a ghost-like elegance to its design. A perfect minimalist piece to anchor a room and accentuate with boldly-patterned throw pillows, an elegant sideboard table, or a pair of sitting chairs.
  • The sweeping lines of this Piaf sofa and its beauty call to mind Deco and sensuous forms of the 1930’s. A continuous curved back with diamond tufting dips at the center to rise at each end. Even with its curvaceous style, this sofa sits well for inter-mate conversion or lounging. The Piaf Sofa features a choice of a pleated or plain smooth back, welt trim, and a plinth. It includes two 18″ x 18″ relax down throw pillows.
  • The sleek and curvy lines of the Roburg Sofa are modeled after the Roburg peninsula in Plettenburg Bay, South Africa. This modern sofa features a 1.8 density Ultracell foam core with 1.1 density duck down cover. A SoftLuxe spring seating foundation gives this sofa durability and comfort to stay stylish through the ages.


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