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The European Collection

The European collection celebrates the feminine side of ‘classic modernism-grand’. So today. Custom finishes are available on most pieces and production time runs 12 to 14 weeks.


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The Frogmore is classic sensuous in its grandness

The Frogmore

The modernist movement saw a stark future, and the other half saw the shape of things to come, The Frogmore is classic sensuous in its grandness . Once confined to the bedroom, the chaise is now a fully liberated form free to work functionally in every room of the house. It’s more than a boudoir perch, it’s so relaxing in one’s entertainment lounge or den.

W 46” x D 62” x H 37”; Seat H 18”


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The Warwick Chair

The Warwick chair was inspired by Italian seating pieces and developed with the modern client in mind, European in origin with a nod to modernism but for the function of today’s discerning clientele.

W 46” x D 40” x H 21.5”; Seat H 17”


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The Poodle Chair

The Poodle  is in itself a contemporary evocation of the unique space into which it was born, respectfully joining a dialogue between the modernistic mid century movement and Italian form. The poodle armchair is a cocoon to accommodate precious friends. It is a sculpture among sculptures and an art work among the art works.


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The Oliver Sofa

The Oliver is perfectly in tune with the character and history of each individual’s space, whether you are in Miami, Catalina Island, or Boston. The ease and flow of the tight seat brings to it a more romantic and humanistic approach. In it’s soft Feminine curve to the arm  and it’s style, it develops a contemporary language that is both personal today and an incentive for the post-post-modernist.

H 33″ X OD 39.9 X IW 76.6″ X  AH 24 ” X ID 24.5″


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The Sylvia Chair

The Sylvia is timeless, unexpected, anchored by quality and craftsmanship. A gorgeous swivel motion and comfort to suit any room in your home. A new practicality and elasticity, closer to the modern essential requirements. The Sylvia’s style guarantees the natural rounded form’s absolute perfection of beauty.

W 42″ X D 36 X H 29″ X  SH 18.5″ X ID 21″


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