Queen Victoria was a pinnacle of discipline within the British Royal Family during her reign so we take a page from her playbook as we roll up our sleeves.

Britigh Royal Family

If you are of the opinion that we have nothing to learn from Victorian England, we at Bruce Andrews Design offer you this caveat: the furniture created during that era has retained its value because there is quality infused into its very DNA.

Furniture in our initial debut, Collection Skye, took root in Scotland but each piece is Made in America, the Scottish link a consequence of our founder’s roots: “My dad comes from a long lineage of Scots,” Bruce Andrews, CEO of the company, explains. “My grandfather had an estate in Scotland on the Isle of Skye—very dramatic perched as it was along the cliffs and crags. I really enjoyed his style and tastes. The interiors of his home there were very strong and beautiful—had been there for hundreds of years—so I took inspiration from pieces he owned.”

As a way to celebrate the discipline it takes to produce furniture of the quality we are committed to manufacturing, we share with readers a few anecdotes from Queen Victoria’s Highland Journals so if you are a fan, click through to read her thoughts on the “fair shore of Scotland.”