The design world maintains a healthy obsession with the color forecast, and we at Bruce Andrews Design are no different.

The Color Forecast

This is one of the areas of trend forecasting that fascinates us as we choose upholstery fabrics, trims and finishes for our handcrafted furniture. We were front-and-center at the Heimtextil tradeshow in Frankfurt in 2016, soaking in the predictions the forecasters shared with us. One of the first comments made during the fair was so on point with our message that we felt buoyant as we listened to what the visionaries had to say.

“Given the state of the world, people are going to be buying less but buying better,” said Lisa White of the World Global Style Network. Since a focus on achieving the utmost in excellence is in our DNA, this was music to our ears! Color was a broad subject and it was wonderful how they tied tones to feelings—from the delight we experience at the golden hour when the sun is setting to a host of nocturnal hues that reflect the silky skies as we go off to sleep. They believe the cycle of life will be more strongly reflected in how we decorate; that life will be more of a work in progress than a drive to finish things quickly. If you’re interested in the color forecast, you can see more of what the prognosticators had to say on our Journal.