The opportunity to present design fashion pairings here on the Bruce Andrews Design Journal always creates a stir with our design team.

Design Fashion Pairings

There is a strong connection between the styles created in the design and fashion industries: textiles. Without them, we wouldn’t have fashion or upholstered furniture. When our head designer, Bruce Andrews, recognizes similarities in the future he is designing with fashion on the runways, it’s seriously exciting. Case in point was the Paul Smith runway show in Paris in January 2017, which was awash in rich shades of blue.

He had already chosen the Fermoie fabric in navy blues, rust tones and grape hues for the Azure Collection pieces heading for the Ellouise Abbott showroom in Dallas when he experienced the show. The suit-clad males and jacquard-draped females prancing down the catwalk smack in the middle of the École des Beaux-Arts sported a mélange of plaid and feathered ensembles. His inspirations for the collection had deep resonance, as does all of the design fashion pairings we present here on the Journal, such as our entry Global Design with Fashionable Parallels .