Handcrafted excellence comes in many forms. Though we concentrate ours solely on our furniture, it doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate other industries.

Handcrafted Excellence

Take the Morgan Motor Company, for instance. Anyone who has followed the storied brand knows that their reputation is what has made their automobiles so sought after. The quality of the company’s products is unparalleled in their sector of the marketplace, an accomplishment we emulate. In order to attain a similar stance, no more than 170 units of each planned introduction will be made by Bruce Andrews Design during any given year.

Like every Morgan, which is expertly handcrafted using the three core elements of ash, aluminum and leather, our furniture has its own core materials. Also like each Morgan car, our chairs celebrate traditional manufacturing while embracing a more modern design than the true antique predecessors. Along with heritage, comfort was top of mind when the collection was being developed.