The number of true luxury furniture brands dedicating their energy to a Made in America model is slim, and we are excited to be in such great company.

Luxury Furniture Brands

One manufacturer that we respect immensely is Dessin Fournir, whose founder Chuck Comeau is determined to rescue struggling brands of exceptional value to the world of design. The company he has created, which was founded in 1993, is a highly curated collection of to-the-trade luxury furniture, textiles, lighting, and accessories, which includes Dessin Fournir, Gerard, Kerry Joyce, Classic Cloth, Rose Cumming, Palmer Hargrave, Fritsch, Therien, Quatrain, Erika Brunson, and Kenneth Meyer of San Francisco.

By infusing these brands with new life, Chuck is responsible for preserving craftsmanship, a subject near and dear to my heart. An example of his dedication to quality is the fact he was central to the effort of saving the leading Belgian textile firm OJ Van Maele of Tielt by forming Garnell-Lake investment group last year. This comment he made about the effort should explain why we feel he is a true visionary: “We have chosen to preserve an old-world legacy of craftsmanship elsewhere forgotten, and to secure the traditions and skills master craftsmen honed while working with the finest materials to create some of the most superlative textiles known to mankind.”