We hold a great source of pride in being a brand dedicated to a Made in America point of view, a commitment we’ve made since our inception.

Made in America

When does a best-kept secret need to be a secret no more? When the revealing of it could make a vast difference in the lives of talented craftspeople. We chose this tack when we honored the highly skilled North Carolina men and women who lovingly make our handcrafted furniture, each person approaching their work with a passion for their craft. We know that the gems we have left in the US are worth saving and helping to thrive. They are so much more than statistics presented in news headlines to us. They are of our tribe, meaning they believe that a piece of furniture nurtured into being by the creative force we’ve been given is nothing less than a work of art.

If even half of America’s designers and architects who are sourcing offshore would make a commitment to buying exceptional goods manufactured here at home, what a difference could be made for such talented craftspeople! If you are in favor of the tack we are taking, we would love it if you would let us know. We’re out to change the way things are done, one extraordinary piece of furniture at a time.


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