The Scottish Highlands represent an historically significant influence in our first two collections—the Collection Skye and the Azure Collection.

Scottish Highlands

Furniture in our initial debut, Collection Skye, has the deepest link to the Scottish Highlands, a consequence of our founder’s roots: “My dad comes from a long lineage of Scots,” Bruce Andrews, CCO of the company, explains. “My grandfather had an estate in Scotland on the Isle of Skye—very dramatic perched as it was along the cliffs and crags. I really enjoyed his style and tastes. The interiors of his home there were very strong and beautiful—had been there for hundreds of years—so I took inspiration from pieces he owned.”

The Highlands have fascinated travelers there since time immemorial, including Queen Victoria, who actually published her Highland Journals in her lifetime. The Queen was a disciplined diarist. Her daily entries spanned her lifetime, the last pages written at the dawn of the twentieth century, a few days before she died in January 1901. Her first journey to Scotland, which took place in 1842, proved to be one of the most important excursions of her life because she became enthralled with the country and its people. “No point, however small, was missed, and her enthusiasm for all things Scottish is as vivid to us today as it must have been to her,” wrote David Duff in the version of Queen Victoria’s Highland Journals he edited.