When we release new sofas, we often feature them here on the Bruce Andrews Design Journal along with other upholstered furniture. We also keep our eyes open for fabulous examples by other designers.


There is a knack to designing sofas that we do not take for granted, our focus always on timelessness, comfort and scale. Other considerations we obsess about when we implement a new collection is to make the designs so flexible the sofas will be as beautiful in the middle of the room as they will against a wall. The showrooms and boutiques who source our furniture are collaborators in this obsession, as they are the ones who present our furniture to our customers at large. One of these is Nandina Home in Aiken, South Carolina. We asked the owner, Susan Victor, what inspires her about our upholstered furniture. “It fits the curated, one-of-a-kind emotion that we want to invoke in our clients as they walk through the showroom. The story behind the craftsmanship is a narrative that our designers enjoy sharing.


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