We at Bruce Andrews Design are committed to building the future heirloom regardless of the style, as our furniture is built to last.

Constructing a Future Heirloom

“The Azure Collection has its roots in a time when furniture manufacturing was undergoing a volatile upheaval,” says Bruce Andrews of his second collection. “While the proponents of the English Aesthetic Movement were creating a disruptive mix of art-for-art’s-sake furnishings, the Scottish School was quietly creating furniture that existed in harmony with spaces designed for modern living.” The collection includes the Bantry Bay chair, the Hout Bay sofa, the Camps Bay chair, the Noord Hook chair and the Bakoven cocktail ottoman—each exhibiting pared-down lines, luxurious fabrics and sophisticated color choices.

Bruce continues, “With this new line of furniture, I wanted to focus on the sensuous experience of the fabrics and the generously proportioned scale of the seating to be the focal points. I have chosen a serene color palette for the initial launch, though this is merely one aesthetic stance. We expect that our discerning clientele or the designers we work with will want to create myriad other aesthetic styles and we can easily accomplish this for them. This includes made-to-order pieces upholstered in the fabrics that express their desires perfectly—I deem this level of customization we accomplish a couture approach to furniture.”